Pressure Washing Services in Holley, NY

If your business is in need of a commercial pressure washing service or industrial cleaning, call the team at Acme New York. Drawing on years of experience operating right here in western New York, our team works hard to fulfill your cleaning needs by personalizing our services as required. On every job, the Acme New York team does thorough prep before going in and doing the necessary cleaning.

If you're looking for a commercial pressure washing service or need industrial cleaning or bridge sealing, call Acme New York today. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Benefits of our services

Acme New York specializes in large scale cleanings. While you have a business to run, it is also important to maintain and upkeep what you have worked so hard to achieve. By investing in our services, you are doing your part as a business owner to maintain the value of your property and facilities.

If you are looking for an affordable and effective way to protect the value of your business buildings, give Acme New York a call. From parking lot clean up service to industrial cleaning and pressure washing, Acme New York does it all.


  • Commercial Pressure Washing
  • Industrial Pressure Washing
  • Facility Cleaning Service
  • Bridge Maintenance